Photo of sandy road leading through grasses

A Wintery Meditation Vacation

Fried clams on the deck, mini golf, sun tanning, whale watching and hoisting a mai tai with Smitty the Fishin’ Musician.…Not happening.At this moment no such activities await you on Cape Cod. So what’s the point of coming in the winter months? Maybe there isn’t one… Sure, there is plenty of shopping, dining and theater […]

Photo of plate of stuffed clams with slide of lemon

Celebrating the 1st day of Summer…Quahog-Style!

Here on the Cape we have some wildlife.On the the Lamb and Lion Inn’s 4 acres we have a frisky fox family, who pretty much stay to themselves and are really no trouble, now that we put the smack down on their late-night S’more bonfires. We’ll see the occasional coyote chasing an ACME truck down […]

Drink of red liquid with lime set on table in front of river with houses in rear

Dining on the Water–Our Cape Cod Favorites!

Oh, you can tell when we start randomly blogging with these kind of titles that spring fever has officially smacked us in the back of our heads! Dining on the water is our very favorite sport here at the Lamb and Lion Inn, so if you’re planning on joining us, here’s a head start… Our […]