Bringing Your Pet on Vacay???

Dog skiing with life preserver on

We here at the Lamb and Lion Inn joke that we’re a “pet friendly” property because we like dogs more than we like people. OK, maybe that’s not a joke. Maybe we DO like dogs just a little more than humans, and if you’ve ever spent time around a dog, and if you’ve ever spent time in line at a busy store, or stuck behind a slow driver, then you’d probably agree with us. Dogs are just cooler.

Often times we’ll get the question, “I’m thinking about bringing my dog on vacation, what do you think?” That’s a tough one to answer. When we go away we really, really miss my dogs. I might even try to call or Skype them in hopes that the smart one of the 3 has finally figured out how to pick up (he hasn’t…yet). But truth be told, the difference between traveling with and without your dog is the difference between a “trip” and a “vacation”. Meaning, traveling with your dog is like traveling with a toddler. Sacrifices have to be made.

Too cool for doggie school…

Being a pet friendly property means helping the guests overcome some of the limitations that come with traveling with a pooch. It’s not a perfect science, but we do the best we can. Our free self-guided driving tours are a great place to start. Within these sheets of paper that guests bring with them as they explore Cape Cod we point out our favorite place to sit on the water and eat fried clams with your dog, our favorite pet friendly shops (like The Cape Cod Dog in Eastham), pet friendly beaches (including our favorite beaches that aren’t necessarily pet friendly, but you can sneak on to them anyway), and other ways to show Rex a good time. Before you come to Cape Cod with your pet, try to find online resources to help you navigate your way around our island. One website that we often find ourselves on is

The Lamb and Lion Inn salt water pool (and pooch)

There are fun ways to celebrate your pooch during the summer. This year’s Paw Palooza is back! The “Paw Palooza” is put on by Agway, the “lawn, garden and pet center” and will take place over the weekend of July 15-16, 2017. It features a 45 foot dog pool, along with all kinds of agility trials and fun stuff for 2 and 4 legged beings. This year they’re expecting over 10,000 attendees over the weekend and proceeds for this event go to the Animal Rescue League of Boston, and in particular, directly to their Cape Cod Shelter (in Brewster), as well as the much beloved Cape Cod MSPCA (located in Centerville).

So pack your bowls, grab your leash and come to Cape Cod! The weather is looking awesome, there are miles of sand to roll around in and plenty of dead crabs to eat! Bon Appetit!