An Innkeeper’s First March (OR, “What’s in a Name?”)

They say that March comes in like a LION and out like a LAMB, and what better way to segue to our very first March on Cape Cod and beautiful Barnstable Village, and the secret behind the Lamb and Lion Inn’s name! The never-before-told true story started when we first looked at the property thirteen […]

Photo of sand with path leading through tall grass

A Cape Cod Snow Storm Means a Magical Afternoon in Barnstable

Hey, who would have thunk it? Mother Nature got one past the net–and just as the daffodils were starting to pop. What an incredible winter. Virtually no snow here on Cape Cod, which is kind of a bummer, if you ask us. Some of our favorite things to do on Cape Cod happen in the […]

Photo of clams in ice

Ultimate Validation: The Inn’s PB Boulangerie Connection

Any day, you can effect the lives of one, or of many, without knowing or thinking about it. That’s an important lesson that we drove home with last night… About 16 years ago I met my now partner Ali Pitcher at her inn in the Hudson Valley. She was looking for someone to run the […]

Photo of a chicken running

“Be the Board” How to Create a Hole, Then Fall Through It, Then Try to Hide It.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one… A few years back, Ali’s brother, Jimmy, was staying here at the Lamb and Lion Inn. He needed a change of scenery from Florida life, and, as he happens to be the best handyman we’ve ever known–as long as he has one hand wrapped around a cold can […]

Lit fire being seen from the bed

Taking the Worry our of our Fireplaces

If you think that having wood-burning fireplaces in your inn is akin to playing Russian Roulette every time you hand over the box of matches to as visiting guest, you would be correct. We have 12 fireplaces in all at the Lamb and Lion Inn. 5 are gas fireplace stoves. They are easy, relatively harmless, […]

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