WARNING: THIS POST MIGHT RUIN YOUR KEYBOARD (more inn secrets coming soon…)

various items in front of building with boat on top

One of the things our guests love more than anything here at the Lamb and Lion Inn are our free self-guided driving tours. The driving tours are sheets of paper that we dole out to guests, at no cost, that help them find the prettiest, tastiest, kookiest, cheapest (or ritziest) fastest (or slowest) most fun-ist-ist hot spots and hidden gems up and down the Cape Cod coast.
Now, when you click on the link you won’t get specifics as to where to go, what to do when you get there and what to fight over once the menu hits the table, because we keep those dirty little secrets for the Lamb and Lion Inn guests. Guests who have come back time after time know that these free driving tours change all the time. But for blogs-sake, why keep it all bottled up, right? So here is one of the best stops in our mid-Cape drive…

No line…Must be February.

One question we get from time to ti…ok constantly, is “Lobster Roll…How long do I have to drive until I can wrap my mouth around a steamed lobster slathered on mayonnaise like an anaconda on a kiwi?” The answer is, “not that far”. BUT unless you live on Cape Cod–and since you properly pronounce your Rrrr’s when they’re at the end of a word (and don’t add them where they don’t belong) we can tell you ain’t from the Cape–so, you might not be able to find this joint.

The Sesuit Harbor Cafe is hidden behind the Northside Marina in the nearby historic village of Dennis..and it doesn’t have a sign out by the road. Once on the property you have to zig-zag your way past delighted diners throwing fries to seagulls (instead of looking out for you), boats on lifts, kids on caffeine, dogs in strollers and anything and everything else you shouldn’t run over. Once at the cafe the line is always long–but the line moves quickly. In fact there’s a way to AVOID the line altogether—but this is where Lamb and Lion membership has its privileges. Sorry, not sharing that secret here.

(Don’t look now, but you’re drooling on your keyboard)

The place is fun, happening, on the marina, has a lobster roll cruise on a boat called (wait for it)….The Lobster Roll, and has a a pet-friendly beach (if you have a pet with you. BTW did you know the Lamb and Lion Inn was pet friendly?). The place is “cash only”, the wine list is non-existent (it’s BYOB) and the food is as delicious as it is reasonably priced. Speaking of the food, the clams are the clammiest! The oysters the most oysterish! The burgers rock, the locals flock and it’s reachable by dock…what else do you need?? Oh yea, that lobster roll. Innkeeper Tom loved it so much he featured it in his “Last Bite” column in Tom’s article in Edible Cape Cod magazine a few years ago. want to read the article? You just passed it, silly. Back up 16 words, click on the blue and start making plans for your Cape Cod getaway! GIDDYUP!!

The view from your table