Validation in Wellfleet, Part 2 (PB Boulangerie revisited)

For those who read our last entry on “ultimate validation”, I thought you might enjoy this update involving our old friend Valeria, and my two new favorite Frenchmen the “P and B” of PB Boulangerie. If you have not read the story yet, it’s the January 2nd installment. Start there–then finish back here!
For my friends who left such wonderful messages, your kind words were greatly appreciated.

5 days later….
The following Friday after our brunch at PB Boulangerie we were having yet another lavish lunch at a restaurant outside of Boston (hey, it’s the off-season, OK?), when my cell phone rang. It was Valeria. “We’re closed for vacation and Philipp, Boris and I are going back to France to see family. I would love to catch up with you before we go. Can we come down tomorrow night?” We were elated, and told them to plan on staying at the inn for an overnight.

To make a long story short, Ali and I enjoyed a wonderful Japanese dinner (ala Inaho restaurant), and a late night of partying around the kitchen counter, catching up with Valeria, and learning more about Philipp and Boris, and the goings on at the bistro. The evening was quite celebratory, but with underlying currents of fatigue from our guests (fans of PB Boulangerie should be happy to now that their first seven months of existence were miles busier than any of them had envisioned, and construction to expand the size of the bakery prep area are now underway).

Interestingly, at one point in the evening Valeria asked if I would consider coming up to Wellfleet in the spring to conduct some on-site waitstaff training for her, which I had done in my earlier life, and something that I greatly enjoyed. Ali thought it was a good idea as well–she could drive up with me and look over Boris’ shoulder in the bakery prep-kitchen to learn some new techniques (always thinking, that one). When the conversation came up again at breakfast, I told them that if they felt as strongly about the idea come April, I would certainly consider it.

So, with a story already steeped in fiery irony, we shall put all of this pleasantness to bed with one final twist of fate…there’s a good chance in the near future that I might be working for Valeria.
How fun is that…