The Cape Cod Travel Guide is, well, the Ultimate Cape Cod Travel Guide!

Cape Cod Travel Guide

Working for the Cape Cod Chamber, or any chamber for that matter, might sound “sexy” to some people. Let’s face it, the chamber is the hub of any area. They’re like concierges and travel agents all rolled into one. Ask any chamber member who serves the best Rum Runner, what beach has the softest sand, which B&Bs have a pool (we know one…) and which is the best restaurant to dine with your dog–they’ll always have an answer. It might not be the correct answer (hey, everyone’s got different opinions!), but it will certainly be backed up with great research.
The flip side of the sexy part is work. Gobs and gobs of work, which we all benefit from. One major benefit just arrived in the mail yesterday, the chamber of commerce’s annual Cape Cod Travel Guide. The website is awesome, but the hard copy magazine is what you want. “Why, Tom, WHY are you telling us this?” OK, here’s why. It will make your awesome Cape Cod experience Wicked Awesome, and, already armed with the proper information, while you’re here at the Lamb and Lion Inn you’ll stop bugging me for information. I’m KIDDING!! Actually here at the inn there are lots of laminated pages on the walls from last years Cape Cod Travel Guide for easy referral for our guests. This years guide has “524+ things to do and places to go”–from theater to road races and concerts to kayaks, the magazine is loaded with information. There’s a section on “extreme adventures” (sky diving, parasailing, tarter sauce fights, etc), family friendly activities, pet friendly things to do (the Lamb and Lion was featured on page 36–thanks guys!) and ideas for shopping, hiking, biking, swimming, dancing, watching, waving, slurping, stomping, shucking and shaving–OK, not shaving, but every other verb you can cram in is highlighted in the new Travel Guide. Oh, did I mention EATING? From fried clams to crispy sweetbreads–it’s all in the there.

Our favorite thing about the guide are the maps–lots and lots of ’em, and a big reason why you should get the physical magazine. Oh, you say you can just carry your IPad around? No, you can’t. You’ll look like a geek, and when the little green head flies come into your car to bite you (something the chamber doesn’t usually write about), you can’t swat them with a rolled up IPad. Get the magazine! You’ll have maps guiding you to every Cape Cod beach (check out the link–do we have enough beaches or what?!) lighthouses, golf courses, and even the coolest galleries in the historic district.
We really do love to arm our guests with as much information as we can here at the Lamb and Lion, but this guide takes most of the work out of it. The maps go perfectly with our free self-guided driving tours we give to each guest while they’re here. The free driving tours work like a scavenger hunt. We give you tours for each section of Cape Cod (one per every day you’re with us) and by use of “make a left at the next stop sign” kind of directions, along with the help of the Cape Cod Travel Guide maps, you’ll find every hot spot and well kept secret on Cape Cod.

The last reason that you should call the chamber to get the guide mailed to you (for 5 bucks to cover shipping), or order it online (or you can pick them up at hundreds of locations while you’re here–including our inn–for free) is that it’s annual! One stop shopping, baby! Now you can plan your next visit in advance. There’s a huge section on upcoming events from Boston Pops and the Hyannis Father’s Day Car Show, to haunted ghost tours and multiple Christmas Strolls and first nights (yes, there are more than one first nights–I know that makes no sense). The Cape has everything, year round–I just found out we even have a SCRABBLE CLUB! Wow (yawn). OK. So get your Travel Guide–pack up your surf board, or your Scrabble board, if you like–and get yourself to Cape Cod.
The clock is ticking.
You need to get away. Look into my eyes–I know you do.