The Cape Cod Scavenger Hunt: An experiment in “Social Deliciousing”

May 2, 2020 | Blog

This blog is partially inspired by the idea of “social distancing”, but 100% inspired by an imaginary chocolate chip cookie that may or may not be sitting on a real counter at this very minute, and wrapped tightly in very real plastic–in a place true to an innkeeper’s heart called Savory & Sweet Escape, in Truro, Cape Cod. Sweet Escape is one of hundreds of small, locally owned businesses that are currently dotted throughout the Lamb and Lion Inn’s self-guided driving tours, and can be found just south of the driving tour’s must-stop Truro Vineyards (recommended for their gift shop, fun tastings and a luscious portfolio), which happens to be a hair north of the “spiciest” stop on the driving tour–Atlantic Spice Company–and is the perfect place to hit before stretching out on nearby Great Hollow Beach. And that just covers 1 mile of the inn’s free tours that take you from the fine-dining, dunes and divas of Provincetown, to historic Chatham, and way west through the quaint village of Sandwich, and even off Cape on a short “pilgrimage” to Main Street, Plymouth. parking signs at Truro Vineyards But let’s get back to that glorious chocolate chip cookie. We had to take it off the driving tour. Not Sweet Escape itself–that’s still on the tour–but the cookie had to go. When guests figured out (because it was obviously pointed out) that it was innkeeper Tom’s favorite treat along the route, they would inevitably bring a cookie back to the inn as a “thank you” for all the driving tour recommendations. The issue is, the cookie at the time (it might still be) was just a tad smaller than a VW Beetle hub cap (a unit of measure also used to describe another recommended stop on the tour–Susie’s Homemade Stuffed Clam at Arnold’s Lobster & Clam Bar in Eastham, but we digress), and as the giant cookies kept rolling into the inn, Tom’s bathing suit string started feeling the strain. Boardwalk through a cedar swamp They say with every cloud comes a silver lining, and as Ben Franklin further points out, that with necessity comes invention. With the new way of life that comes with the scare of Covid-19, social distancing became the necessity, and that cookie gave inspiration to the Lamb and Lion Inn’s newest invention. The Cape Cod Scavenger Hunt. Through use of the inn’s tours, guests can now have the option of receiving a check list of stops to hit up and down the coast, specific to each guests loves and passions. Some stops might be an ice cream shop or a fried clam joint, while others could be a rugged walk to a remote beach or a tucked away scene only to be found by way of the inn’s tours. The tours are naturally conducive to social distancing because it’s just you in a car, A picnic table on the beach alone or with your partner-in-crime, taking in the natural beauty, best eateries and most interesting shops and historical sites that Cape cod has to offer. Only now you can win prizes as you explore! And with the addition of Tom’s “new” decadent desire (shhh, it’s a secret, don’t tell Ali), you should plan on getting outdoors this season and really enjoy the social distancing, as well as partaking in some “Social Deliciousing”. Hope to see you all soon, be safe, and keep smiling. For more details on our free self-guided driving tours/scavenger hunt check out
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