The BEST places to eat Lobster on Cape Cod

The Black Cat sign

Hi…Innkeeper Tom here. Feeling hungry??

So this morning I’m waiting for our guests to finish up breakfast and thumbing through the new 2018 Cape Cod Travel Guide (published by our wonderful Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce) when I come across a wonderful article, “The Best Places to Eat Lobster on Cape Cod”. Having lived here for almost 20 years, and spending a lot of time exploring various local restaurants–both as a passion, as well as being a local food writer for Edible Cape Cod Magazine–I’ve gotten to know a thing or two about eating lobster ’round these parts.

But first…a confession. I am afraid of lobster. Like, up at night with the shivers, type of afraid. I simply cannot decipher an 8-legged lobster from an 8-legged, 3 pound, crawly, spiny aqua-tarantula. I even wrote a story in the magazine about my love-hate relationship with this weird sea creature. But here’s the thing–I LOVE the meat that’s INSIDE the creepy casing! I’ll eat lobster as a salad, sandwich, bisque, chowder, risotto, pasta–I’ll even close one eye and eat it lazy man style (but never as an ice cream–that’s just plain silly). So, if you’re a lobster lover, and you’re coming to the Lamb and Lion Inn for your summer getaway, check out this short but delicious list. I’ve taken what the Chamber of Commerce has come up with, whittled it down, and customized it with my own experiences for your dining and drooling pleasure…

Where you AND your dog can get yer lobstah on!

The Black Cat Tavern  Absolutely! We LOVE the Black Cat! It’s got everything you would need in a restaurant destination–excellent food, great, knowledgeable service, a really fun outdoor raw bar with live music, a spacious, pet friendly patio (if you’re bringing your pooch to the Lamb and Lion this is a must for Fido!), the place is sparkling clean, has a beautiful brass and mahogany bar area, valet parking (if you’ve been to Hyannis in the summer you know this is a plus), and a killer middle-of-Hyannis-Harbor location! They even have a take-out joint nextdoor if you opt for a hot dog for dessert (don’t judge me). As for your main course, get the meaty lobster roll, the rich lobster bisque or chomp down on one or two of those weird looking steamed numbers, with lots of drawn butter. Yum!

The Lobster Pot’s Lobster-Avocado Cocktail

The Lobster Pot  The jewel of Provincetown is slap-dab in the middle of their bustling Commercial Street and is a true Cape Cod classic! The waterfront place looks simple enough inside (you have to walk through the kitchen to get to the dining room) but look for inventive twists on your seafood favorite, like lobster egg rolls, lobster tacos, lobster ravioli, or innkeeper Ali’s favorite, lobster- avocado cocktail! It should be noted that when you’re taking the spectacular drive through the historic district and up through the National Seashore to P-Town, The Lobster Pot is a starred location on our free self-guided driving tours, which we give to our guests as they head out for the day’s adventure!

Arnold’s, doing what they do best.

Arnold’s Lobster & Clam Bar  Arnold’s in Eastham is worth the trip from the Lamb and Lion, and like The Lobster Pot, Arnold’s is a free self-guided driving tour highlight. Years ago Ali and I, along with a handful of friends, were invited for lunch by the owner as a “challenge”. He told us, “If my steamed lobster isn’t the best you’ve ever had I’ll eat my car seat head rest!” (I don’t actually remember if it was his head rest, but it was a very random item–but it wouldn’t matter anyway). Being one to steer widely away from whole steamed lobster (for the previously mentioned reasons) I had the giant, baked stuffed Quahog. Everyone else ordered the steamed lobster and shabang!–he was right. They all agreed it was the juiciest, most tender lobster they had ever eaten (it should be noted that my “stuffy” was so superb I wrote a magazine article about it, calling it the best baked stuffed lobster I’ve ever had. A few years later it took first place in a Cape-wide Stuffed Quahog competition). My suggestion? Skip breakfast–and lunch–and have a giant Stuffed Quahog, followed by Arnold’s amazing steamed lobster!

Mattakeese Wharf’s Baked Stuffed Lobster

Mattakeese Wharf  Just a couple of miles from the Lamb and Lion Inn and dead on the water in historic Barnstable Harbor. To be honest, Mattakeese Wharf could get away with a lot because of it’s over-the-water location and gorgeous sunsets, but their colossal Baked Stuffed Lobster has become a Cape Cod standard, and is beloved by visitors and locals alike. Take our advice and WALK there for dinner because gorging on a platter of homemade potato chips with bleu cheese, followed by that baked stuffed lobster is going to warrant a little exercise after the the check comes (if you’ve really overdone it, maybe we’ll come pick you up). The only thing that could make a meal like that complete is a waterside seat–and if you’re staying at the Lamb and Lion Inn we have you covered. I know all of owner Paul’s deep, dark secrets, so he always gives our inn guests the premier spots!

Sesuit Harbor Cafe’s Lobster Roll

Sesuit Harbor Cafe  Somehow this place missed the Chamber’s list, but it HAD to make ours. I’ve also covered Sesuit Harbor Cafe’s lobster roll for a major food article–and it was well deserved. This place is OLD Cape Cod–all outdoor dining, a tiny raw bar, picnic tables, paper towels, humidity caked salt shakers, energetic food deliverers screaming out order number, no reservations, no bar (it’s BYOB), no waitstaff, no fuss, no muss. The “cafe”, which is open from dawn to dusk, is tucked away behind a boatyard and right on the water. They have a scruptious steamed lobster (and reasonably priced), and a nice, fresh lobster salad, bu its the lobster roll that has made this little joint famous. They even have a lobster roll cruise on a boat they named…wait for it...The Lobster Roll. DIG IN!