Don’t take OUR word for it! (A guest’s blog worth blogging about)

Photo of sunrise or sunset with pink clouds and body of water

So welcome to our blog.
There’s not a lot in here–to be honest we don’t know how people have the time to write as much as they do! We post something only when the mood hits us. In here you’ll find blogs about things like a red chair, a “most-have” Cape Cod guide, George Harrison’s ghost, waterfront dining (or more accurately, where to find the best Bloody Marys), how your host fell through the ceiling of a guest room,etc.

This next installment we couldn’t have done better ourselves. It’s a blog straight from England written by one of our favorite guests, Barbara Howard (her husband Steve ain’t so bad, either). So, if we didn’t convince you that the Lamb and Lion Inn is located in the BEST part of the Cape, and our guests on TripAdvisor haven’t convinced you either, we say, “drop down a gear or two” and read what Barbara has to say about the matter…

Click HERE for Barbara’s informative and beautifully photographed trip through our little slice-o-heaven.