Dog skiing with life preserver on

Bringing Your Pet on Vacay???

We here at the Lamb and Lion Inn joke that we’re a “pet friendly” property because we like dogs more than we like people. OK, maybe that’s not a joke. Maybe we DO like dogs just a little more than humans, and if you’ve ever spent time around a dog, and if you’ve ever spent […]

various items in front of building with boat on top

WARNING: THIS POST MIGHT RUIN YOUR KEYBOARD (more inn secrets coming soon…)

One of the things our guests love more than anything here at the Lamb and Lion Inn are our free self-guided driving tours. The driving tours are sheets of paper that we dole out to guests, at no cost, that help them find the prettiest, tastiest, kookiest, cheapest (or ritziest) fastest (or slowest) most fun-ist-ist […]

Sand sculpture of lion and man's hand by lamb being sculptured

Makin’ Beds & Turnin’ Heads…Our Newest Funky Front Lawn Creation

Any time you’re driving down Old King’s Highway (route 6A) in the heart of Cape Cod’s historic district it’s likely we’ll get you to crane your neck when you drive by the Lamb and Lion Inn. For many years when the leaves started to change color we here at the Lamb and Lion would normally […]

Photo of sandy road leading through grasses

A Wintery Meditation Vacation

Fried clams on the deck, mini golf, sun tanning, whale watching and hoisting a mai tai with Smitty the Fishin’ Musician. …Not happening. At this moment no such activities await you on Cape Cod. So what’s the point of coming in the winter months? Maybe there isn’t one… Sure, there is plenty of shopping, dining […]

Photo of sunrise or sunset with pink clouds and body of water

Don’t take OUR word for it! (A guest’s blog worth blogging about)

So welcome to our blog. There’s not a lot in here–to be honest we don’t know how people have the time to write as much as they do! We post something only when the mood hits us. In here you’ll find blogs about things like a red chair, a “must-have” Cape Cod guide, George Harrison’s […]

Several books on shelf

While My Housekeeper Gently Sweeps: Lamb and Lion’s 6 Degrees of George Harrison

  “I’m the only one down here who’s got nothing to fear from the waves or the night that keeps rolling on right up to my front porch…” ~ From the George Harrison song “Miss O’Dell” We think George Harrison’s ghost might be hanging around our Inn. There’s been a “Route 6A meets Blue Jay […]

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