A Wintery Meditation Vacation

Photo of sandy road leading through grasses

Fried clams on the deck, mini golf, sun tanning, whale watching and hoisting a mai tai with Smitty the Fishin’ Musician.
…Not happening.
At this moment no such activities await you on Cape Cod. So what’s the point of coming in the winter months? Maybe there isn’t one…

Sure, there is plenty of shopping, dining and theater happening, but if you’re that person who craves the summer scene, we’ll see you in 6 months…

For everyone else you don’t even have to read on…you can just look at the pictures.

Winter on Cape Cod is what a huge percentage of the population needs…

The rising number of meditation books in print, the growing popularity of spiritual retreat getaways, cafes and coffee shops that encourage customers to appreciate their surroundings with signs like “We don’t have wi-fi–talk to each other” proves it…

If you are searching for a place to quiet your busy mind…look no further than your underwear drawer.

Put the underwear in a suitcase, along with the socks that live next door.
Add a few more things to keep you warm.
When packing your clothes make sure you leave room for your 3 “meditation musts”…
…a camera
…some comfy walking shoes

These will be as important as sun tan lotion, a beach towel and a 9 iron.

Set your Ipod (or cd player, cassette player or 8-track–not judging here) to your most happiest of tunes, and punch “Cape Cod” into your GPS.

Want to know where the most beautiful and secluded places on Cape Cod are? Ditch your Lonely Planet guide. They ain’t in there. Punch Lamb and Lion Inn into Adventurous Carl (or whatever you call your GPS) and your magnificent unwind will start as soon as you hit the top of the driveway. OH! speaking of which, we almost forgot…dust off your bathing suit for a fireside soak in the hot tub (we shoveled a trail to it this morning).

The year-round hot tub & fireplace…just before the BRRR!

A seal taking the ice taxi past nearby Sandy Neck

Once you’re settled in, head down the road for a peaceful dinner.

Notice how relaxed the locals and staff are? They are enjoying the solace of Cape Cod’s off season (and are no doubt trying to forget that the Patriots got trounced in the play offs).

 Once back home, light a fire and get ready for one of the most magical days you will ever have…

Just remember…hot and sunny is wonderful, but your soul needs to CHILL. Good things come with a chill…

Go to your room! The inn’s guest entrance.

Life is short. Cape Cod is currently chilly. Wonderfully…magically…chilly.

(All photos taken by your friendly, frozen innkeeper. 
To view more beauty please read and follow the instructions above).