A Cape Cod Snow Storm Means a Magical Afternoon in Barnstable

Photo of sand with path leading through tall grass

Hey, who would have thunk it? Mother Nature got one past the net–and just as the daffodils were starting to pop. What an incredible winter. Virtually no snow here on Cape Cod, which is kind of a bummer, if you ask us. Some of our favorite things to do on Cape Cod happen in the winter. Each winter, during the first snowy afternoon, Ali and I like to bundle up and walk into our nearby Barnstable Village and enjoy a lavish lunch, which undoubtedly would include some of the Cape Cod’s best stuffed Quahogs in front of the frosty windows of The Dolphin Restaurant.

During another chilly winter afternoon we might put our snow boots on, take that same beautiful walk along the  trail of 1600’s and 1700’s vintage homes along Old King’s Highway, and cozy up to the bar of the dark-wooded Barnstable Tavern for a burger, a Bloody Mary or (who are we kidding, and) a glass of wine. Regardless of the venue, it’s important that you don’t spend too long in one spot. On a frozen Barnstable afternoon, with few guests around, it’s easy to want to linger longer. But there are other traditions and important things to check off of our winter list (including a nap–but that’s in a little while).



Once properly warmed up with hearty Cape fair and libations, we’ll bundle back up again and walk down to our neighborhood harbor to see if we can spot some seals. Seals are not uncommon to Barnstable Harbor, but usually being darker in color, they’re easily spotted along a wintry backdrop. Sometimes you might get lucky and see one taking a snooze on the beach, but if there are chunks of ice to be had in the harbor, you’ll more likely spot one hitching a ride on an ice taxi.

The Innkeeper’s Pride suite

After a stroll in the harbor (where Ali will inevitably hear me grumble “Why do I always forget my camera?”), we usually head home to do a bit more work around the inn (albeit the more light lifting kind–better not start stripping wallpaper–it’ll kill the mood!). For our guests who are undoubtedly a bit numb from some time in the Harbor, we say, why not stop back in the bar on the way home for a quick coffee and Frangelico? Not in the mood for a cordial? Hit Nirvana coffee house, or grab a mug at the newly renovated Barnstable Market! After that make it leisurely back to your room. If you have a suite with a wood-burning fireplace, we can guarantee your next fire has been built while you were out. In a room with a warming gas fireplace stove? It’s a flick of the switch, and off you go.

Take the rest of the afternoon, enjoy the inn and soak in the hot tub in the courtyard (it’s set to “melt” at 103 degrees). We do more than “leave the light on for ya” like Motel 6 brags about–we light up the outdoor fireplace for additional defrosting.

Now, I ask you…what is the benefit of a mild winter again? I mean, maybe it’s just us here at the Lamb and Lion Inn, but here we say “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!”